Each original piece is designed and handmade by me; there will be some variations in shape, color and size of pottery. My work is high-fired and is oven, dishwasher and microwave safe. For ordering information, call 1-256-229-POTS (7687).


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Baby set
Batter bowl
Berry colander
Butter dishes
Coffee mugs
Green sponged buttermilk pitcher
Green sponged colander
Green sponged teapot
Honey pot Large bowl
Large mixing bowl
Large one-gallon pitcher
Large pasta dish
Lidded casserole dish
Lidded pitcher
Medium batter bowl / inside detail
Medium bowl / inside detail
Medium mixing bowl
Oil lamp
Pasta bowl (brown & navy)
Pie plate
Pillar candle holders
Pin frog vases
Pitcher / small bowl / lotion dispenser
Platter w/ handles
Platter w/ handles (brown & navy)
Small batter bowl
Small batter bowl / Small bowl
Small bowl
Small casserole dish
Soap / Lotion dispensers
Soup mugs
Sponged pie plate
Spoon rests
Sugar & creamer sets
Supper mugs
Votive candle holders
Whisk pot
Whisk pots
Yellow teapot